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Have you taken a few dancing lessons and getting more serious about dancing? It is the time that you should look into buying some footwear for the same. The quality dance shoes with materials and its special construction will help you to learn the dance better and perform in an absolute way. Here are5 important factors that you should consider while buying new footwear for to practice dancing. 

  • Insure it fits snugly
    We all purchase shoes after checking its comfort by wearing it. The same rule applies with dancing shoes as well, make sure the shoes you have picked fits cozily in your feet and not giving excessive pressure. Going for a half or a full size down is perfect for dancing shoes. If you are buying the dance shoes online, then this can be kept as a thumb rule.  
    • Closed toe vs. open toe
      Open toe shoes are the shoes in which the toe area remains open. This type of shoe is designed for dance like Latin and rhythm, Salsa, swing and Rumba. This is because; these dance styles require pointing of the toes as well as the feet articulation. The opening in shoes allows point of toes easier and does the footwork more aptly. On the other hand, the shoes with closed toe are designed for standard/smooth dances, such as Waltz and Foxtrot. Reason for this is these dance forms require traditional classic look. So, if you are picking shoes for any particular style, then you can make the selection conceding the above mentioned facts. And, if there is no particular dance from you are thinking about, then as a beginner; anything will work.
      • Height of the heel
        The heel for ballroom dance and Latin shoes ranges from 1.5″ to 3″. As a beginner, you can pick a heel that gives comfort. In a case you are not comfortable with heals that you can also start the practice with shoes carrying lower heels. So, when you buy ballroom shoes online or from any shop, do keep this fact in the mind. Visis this link when you buy ballroom shoes.
        • Footwear with suede sole
          For the dance shoes, the suede sole is the best and perfect, it gives the appropriate traction and slip to you, so that you get more balance and control on your dancing, when move and turn is done around the dance floor. The sole of the shoes could be maintained in the best way by brushing it with wired brushes. It will maintain its roughness.
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