Controlling children has never been a stress-free work. There are a very few parents who know very well how to control their kids. It is really essential to keep your child in check or it will lead them to wrong paths. But too much restrictions and controlling may lead to adverse effects also. It’s very important to understand and know what your child wants from you, from their life, and then only you will be able to guide them accordingly.

Start practicing the habit of gifting. It will not only make them immensely happy but will also make them feel that they do exist in your life, and you are concerned for their happiness. You can gift your child your school uniform. Most of the time it has been seen that working parents do not give much notice on their child’s uniform and the child is going on wearing the same old, faded, torn uniform. But on the contrary if you gift them a new one, they will surely feel very happy.

Apart from school uniform Australia, you can gift them anything which they love to have, or have been nagging to you for it from a long time. You will see a considerable change in the attitude of your kid and you will also see your bonding getting stronger with your child.

Today’s parents are so busy in some work or the other. But if you want to raise your child properly, do give them some time. Though they may not speak to you about this, but within, they do need their parents and their time. So, no matter how much busy you are, make at least of one or two hours per day for your kid. They will also get the feeling of priority in your life, and you, as a parent will also feel connected to their lives.

Many a times, children do not share many serious happenings of their life due to three reasons basically-fear of getting scolding, fear of their parents not being able to understand their problems or they are least bothered to share anything with you, as they know their parents are so busy that they won’t pay so much heed about all these issues. This can lead to serious problems in future, like isolating themselves, getting detached from their parents, etc. So, to avoid all these, talk to your child always as a friend and guide. Give them the comfortable zone where they can share anything and everything with you.

Try to take out time and meet with your child’s teachers and trainers and ask them about your child’s performance in school, his behaviour with others and all. This in turn will help you to know your kid better. So you will be able to deal with them accordingly.